Paying off your mortgage before retirement may not be the best financial move. Four key questions: Can you afford to prepay your mortgage?What will produce the greatest wealth?When will you need your money?How important is paying off debt to you emotionally? Owning your home free and clear may sound awesome—no more checks to the bank, lower...
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Quick: Where do you store your pet’s food? Is it sitting in an open bag on the floor, perhaps? We pet people spend a lot of time, energy, and money selecting and buying our furry friends’ food, but where and how to store it becomes an afterthought. To find out the best possible way to keep...
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Paying regular attention to your abode’s exterior prevents cold shoulders from neighbors and keeps passersby from slamming on the brakes to stare at the eyesore. More than cosmetics, a spiffy home protects a homeowner’s investment. DIY builds equity Do-it-yourself projects add curb appeal and sweat equity, giving homeowners the opportunity to use the savings on additional...
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