(Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto) You probably know your monthly bills can impact your credit, as late payments or accounts in collections can land on your credit report and bring down your credit score. But are you aware your credit score can affect the payment amount on a number of your monthly bills? Here are seven monthly bills...
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Is it smart to buy another home before selling your present home? That’s a loaded question given the lack of information you’ve shared with us, but we’ll try to give you some guidance. As a general rule, you’d rather know that you have a buyer in hand to purchase your home before you go out and...
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If you can’t move, renovate. Fast-rising home prices and a record-low number of homes for sale have a lot of homeowners choosing to stay put — and put in a new bathroom or update the kitchen. Higher home values also mean they have more cash to take out of their homes. With mortgage rates so low...
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Student loans are a stumbling block for many young Americans interested in homeownership. In many cases, these loans increase their debt-to-income ratio to a point where they can’t qualify for a mortgage. Others may simply be unwilling to take on a mortgage while paying back student loans. But some people have taken the plunge into homeownership...
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Credit scores are easier to access than ever, but according to a new NerdWallet survey, 11% of Americans have never checked theirs. Harris Poll and NerdWallet surveyed more than 2,000 Americans about their knowledge of bad credit and credit scores. We found widespread misconceptions about credit scores and the factors that influence them. We also learned...
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